What Rob Ford Can Teach You About Personal Branding

Today saw the launch of Ford Nation’s own TV channel on You Tube.  Rob Ford is giving you a lesson in personal branding.


By now I cannot believe that Rob Ford needs any introduction.  In the last few months he has become a top joke line on nearly all US late night shows, made numerous front pages and generally has been at the centre of controversy after blunder.

But the brand of Ford Nation remains strong with his own popularity and electorate satisfaction hardly dropping.  He is following the three C’s of personal branding;

Clarity – throughout it all he has maintained the same messaging around stopping the gravy train at City Hall, cutting costs and keeping taxes low.

Consistency – he has not wavered from this message.  The reasons that those people who like him remain loyal is that he continues to deliver on his promises for which they were first attracted to him.

Constancy – He has not shied away from the public eye. He still turns up to events and council meetings, though his powers have been curtailed. Although first his radio station and then a short lived TV show were both cancelled he still bounced back again with his own TV show on You Tube this week.

You may not like him or agree with him, but you can certainly see why he has been able to survive in part due to the strength of his brand.

Rob Ford has chosen to use You Tube to continue to communicate his message. What medium or media do you use?

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