When Your Real Estate Investing Expertise Cannot be Branded

A number of years ago I had a colleague with a wealth of business experience – they had knowledge of Law, HR, Operations and smatterings of more. They were a trusted advisor to business leaders as a consultant. The challenge was ‘everyone’s a consultant’ so how could they stand out and differentiate themselves in a crowded space?

Over a beer we were ‘namestorming’ and I suggested “The CEO’s Consigliere”

By the 2nd beer, I thought it was genius, of course!

They immediately pointed out the connection to crime families and that the city they worked in had a large Italian population and the discussion ended there.

Perhaps “Cognoscente” (a person who has expert knowledge in a subject) might have been better and less offensive. Harder to remember and pronounce for sure and even harder to understand what it means.

A few years later I came across Cameron Herold and his moniker “The BackPocket COO” (and now more recently “The CEO Whisperer”).

That is the difference when branding expertise works – easy to remember and even easier to ‘get it’

Consider the same when branding your real estate investing business and marketing yourself as a real estate investor.

  • How easy is it for people to remember you?
  • Is it easy for others to ‘get’ what you do?
  • Does it start a conversation?

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