Who Else Wants to Discover Their Personal Brand?

The 1st Annual DYPB

Have you ever felt ‘lost’ as a leader?
Are you trying to forge a corporate career path that makes sense for you?
Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to find your voice?
Are you a student who wants to make sure you have chosen the right academic path?
Then you MUST understand what your Personal Brand is and how to leverage it in your personal, professional and academic lives. This event is just for you! Just look at the line-up we have to help you forge an authentic path of passion and purpose.
I will be one of the speakers at the first annual Discover Your Personal Brand event in Toronto on August 16th.  It promises to be a great day of learning, connecting and sharing.
Also I have been given 4 complimentary passes so let me know by email or in the comments below if you sign up and I will enter you in a draw to win an additional seat so that you can pay it forward for someone who you know will benefit or bring a friend!  And be sure to come and find me to say hello.
To be selected for positions of greater responsibility, you must take control of your personal brand. Your personal brand is the impression you project, and it can be managed just like a corporate brand. Personal branding leadership is the positioning strategy behind the world’s most successful people. The world’s most influential leaders have highly controlled personal brands. When you think of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Gates, traits related to success immediately spring to mind. Steve Jobs’ personal brand was so strong that even in death he leaves a legacy of leadership.
At DYPB, you can learn the same strategies these leaders use everyday. By taking control of your personal brand, your strongest characteristics, skills, and values will shine through and distinguish you from the crowd. BY not taking control, you’ll look just like everyone else.
Early birds registration ends Tuesday August 5th – register NOW!

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