Are You BENCH-Marking Your Brand?

A belated Happy Valentines Day! Talking of love, what’s not to love about combining a passion for beer AND branding? Short of becoming a brand manager for a craft brewer (but then I am limited to one brewery!) the next best thing is to slowly make our way around the various craft breweries and do the taste test of beer AND branding. Recently we had a great experience at a… Read More »Are You BENCH-Marking Your Brand?

How to Make Your Brand Relevant on LinkedIn in 2020

Linkedin is no longer your parent’s resume bank, it is fast becoming THE social network where you can still get noticed without having to pay your way to attention or doing something outrageous to be seen. Your posts are less likely to get lost in the noise of memes, celebrities and the latest gossip or politics that we see overwhelming other networks.  During the last two years, it seems another… Read More »How to Make Your Brand Relevant on LinkedIn in 2020

A Personal Brand to MARVEL

There are probably very few of us who can say we have not been touched by the work of Stan Lee in some way or another. Be it watching one of the awesome Marvel movies over the last few years, tuning into the TV series of Spiderman or Bruce Banner & The Hulk from the 80’s and 90’s or picking up and devouring a Marvel comic as a kid. In… Read More »A Personal Brand to MARVEL

4 Personal Brand Lessons From Gibson Guitar’s Bankruptcy

You probably have seen their product slung over the neck of one your favourite musicians. Growing up I loved listening to 70’s rock bands, yet I would not be able to notice the difference between a Gibson guitar and a $50 plywood electric version. But the musicians did. Favourites of mine like Marc Bolan, Eric Clapton, and David Bowie or through to modern musicians today all went out of their… Read More »4 Personal Brand Lessons From Gibson Guitar’s Bankruptcy

Connecting Sales, Marketing & You Inc on LinkedIn in 2017

Below is my TED-style talk at the Haste & Hustle conference earlier this year – includes the Pinata BBQ Accountant story. It is imperative that you understand how to leverage LinkedIn’s benefits for the sales AND marketing of You Inc. and build a profile that stands out. Paul Copcutt will show you how to use LinkedIn to communicate your personal brand in 5 minutes a day, as well as offer… Read More »Connecting Sales, Marketing & You Inc on LinkedIn in 2017

The Rules Still Apply

At age 5, on my first day at school. the headmaster stood up in assembly and proceeded to reel off a number of rules to follow. One of them was not to walk down the grass bank. I wondered why. He never explained. So at the first break, I promptly went out on the school field and started to walk down the grass bank.  A teacher saw me do this… Read More »The Rules Still Apply

5 Superbowl Lessons for Your Personal Brand

Companies that ‘invested’ in an ad for this year’s Superbowl were paying $5 million for 30 seconds, that’s over $160,000 per second and then up to an additional 25% was being spent on advertising to promote the advertisement!

This great cartoon from Tom Fishburne at sums it all up. Check out his previous Superbowl cartoons too by visiting his website.

The commercials and the half-time show are for many the primary reason they watch the game. Some people even plan whole parties around the ad breaks rather than the game itself.

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The One Question I Always Get on Personal Branding


Image Fast Company Magazine August 1997

Next year will see the 20-year anniversary of the Fast Company magazine article “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters. This was two years before his book series, which included “Brand You 50” were published. Most recognize the article as the ‘birth’ of personal branding or at the least the first time that the concept of having a personal brand appeared on the business radar. When you Google “Brand Called You” the article still appears at the top of the rankings. Read the article here

Many people still minimize the power of personal branding and some label it as egotistical and ridiculous. The criticism is legitimate towards those who have likened branding yourself to branding a bar of chocolate. In fact, the intention is to show the contrast between a person and a corporation when it comes to branding.

It probably took ten years after that article, for the notion of owning your personal brand to be embraced as an accepted way of managing your career, business, and even life. Celebrity branding has exploded with constant exposure and an unquenchable thirst for more. This leaves many people feeling inadequate unless they too garner the same visibility. Sadly credibility can sometimes take a back seat.

Social media has been both a blessing and curse and can be blamed for some of the hype, expectation, and disdain that personal branding attracts. But fault can also lie at the feet of the ‘gurus’ and experts who tell you to “Fake it until you make it” or encourage you to turn your social media streams into a one-way flow of personally branding me, me, me that should never be turned off.

When it comes to personal branding the one question I always get is

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Brand Trump


Since the advent of social media, I doubt there have been many events that have garnished as many comments, engagement, and mainstream media column inches as the US Presidential election, and in particular about Donald J. Trump.

I have often cited Trump, the businessman, as an example of a strong personal brand. He often followed the three C’s of branding – Clarity of message, Consistent delivery of that message and Constantly working at getting that message heard and noticed in his business dealings.

Without getting into an intense political debate, it could be argued that he delivered on the latter in his political run, but missed the mark on the clarity and consistency.

There is going to be a lot more said and written about this election, his presidency, as well as the hours spent analyzing why and how he became the 45th President of the United States.

So what were the plus and minus aspects of his campaign from a branding perspective?

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3 Critical Personal Brand Lessons From the Closing of Vine

All Hallows Eve is the time of the year dedicated to remembering the dead. It seems fitting that on Halloween we reflect on the personal brand lessons from the news last week that Twitter will be closing down their 6-second video app Vine. It may have come as a surprise to many of you, however, the ‘Vine Personal Brand Stars’ that it helped to create have already been moving on… Read More »3 Critical Personal Brand Lessons From the Closing of Vine