Do You Have a Personal Brand Day?

“Cry God for Harry, England and St George!” – William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act III   You have no doubt heard of the saying “The cobblers children never have shoes”  In my personal brand coaching and consulting with clients I often recommend that they pick a day that means something to their brand and that they can use to make contact with their network at least once a year.  I usually advise… Read More »Do You Have a Personal Brand Day?

How Strong is Your Leadership – As Strong as The Iron Lady?

Probably one of the most recognised political personal leadership brands, Margaret Thatcher, passed away recently. I grew up in the UK at the time she rose to power and changed the perception of Britain both domestically and internationally. Not universally loved for sure,  she may not have been everyone’s favourite person, but she certainly lived up to the key aspects of a strong personal brand; Clarity – even though originally she… Read More »How Strong is Your Leadership – As Strong as The Iron Lady?

Your Brain Has a Lot to Say

Friend, Enemy, Sex…………Indifferent Each year I always end up finding one or two key books that have the most impact on the way that I think, act or say. It’s great to find not just a book that fits that criteria so early in the year, but I know it is one I am going to be picking up and again and again, referring to on a regular basis. Tame… Read More »Your Brain Has a Lot to Say

Penny for Your Thoughts?

Yesterday saw the official end of circulation of the Canadian penny. The coin now costs more to produce than it’s actual face value. Already stores have signs out explaining how they plan to deal with cash purchases in terms of rounding up or down to the nearest nickel. So would you pick one up if you saw it lying on the ground?  See a penny, pick it up, all day… Read More »Penny for Your Thoughts?

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?

It still seems to be almost a week never goes by without an invitation to another networking / social networking/ connections platform that is going to be the next best thing since sliced bread or at least since Google +. But how do you know if you should join or not? Revisit (or start) with what communication objectives you have set for your personal brand. Just because someone in your… Read More »Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?