How Do I Turn Off Birthday Notifications on LinkedIn?

Firstly, LinkedIn is a networking platform and people like to network with those they know, like and trust, making an emotional connection so I would encourage you to look for ways to leverage this contact from your network that is congruent with your personal brand. For example: Share with them what you did on your birthday (I had a colleague who always looked to do something different every year). Send… Read More »How Do I Turn Off Birthday Notifications on LinkedIn?

Are You Ready for the NO Technology Challenge?


In one of his keynotes, social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk asks the audience about their watch wearing habits.

Of course as you would probably expect most people in the audience, the millennials, under 30 are not wearing a watch, their watch is their smartphone, and camera, and recording device, and computer, and,,,,, and,,,, and,,,,, and………..

He then asks if the technology were available now to implant your smartphone in to your arm who would have it done. About 10% of the audience say they would. And next year he says, it will be 25%.

One fact, in this very fast moving social media facts video from Erik Qualman, is that 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.


So you might be surprised to hear that the two words my teenagers WILL NEVER utter this week, even though they do not have their technology or any wifi access are

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Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?


I  always wonder, as my kids get older, whether Easter and the fun of an egg hunt will lose its charm. Based on a slightly alternative version that my two got involved in on Good Friday, it would appear not. My girlfriend’s family and another family have an annual golf ball hunt,. Their Grandfather started the tradition and they still use the original golf balls !

It’s a highly competitive event, the adults joining in too. Each ball is worth certain points, with some coloured golf balls being worth more. Once all of them are collected, the points are tallied and prizes handed out or chosen. It was a lot of fun.

My kids were motivated to get involved and they rushed around…….Read More »Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?

Top 5 Steps to Review If Your Personal Brand Needs to Go Back to School

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” Albert Einstein This week sees the return to school for children here in Canada. I am especially grateful as my two have returned to education here after a year in Bermuda. For many there is a mix of excitement, trepidation and relief – and that is just the parents! It used to be all about learning… Read More »Top 5 Steps to Review If Your Personal Brand Needs to Go Back to School

Food Brand Alphabet Quiz

The majority of quizzes and surveys on social media I ignore or even go to the trouble of blocking or deleting. But once in a while one comes along that appeal to my brand mind. This one seeing if you can identify the food packaging from just one letter was fun. I only scored 14/26. Do you think you can do better? Post your score in the comments below! Here is… Read More »Food Brand Alphabet Quiz

It’s Siesta Time at Work

With all it’s recent economic troubles, the Spanish government is seriously considering abolishing the country’s siesta. This would be a major culture shift and potentially more damaging than good.   There are many famous examples of leaders and geniuses who were regular nappers. It is something I do on a regular basis and my Dad always did.  So what are the benefits? A recent article in the Washington Post highlights… Read More »It’s Siesta Time at Work

7 One Liners That May Not Work on Valentines Day

There was some great brand re-enforcements and conversation starters that were evident to me at a recent meeting I attended in a mid-town winebar called Reds.   There was everything from coasters with great W.C. Fields quotes on, as well as written in lipstick on the bathroom mirrors. Matchboxes, notepads and even Red pencils with “Stolen from Reds Midtown” stamped on them. But what really got us laughing and talking… Read More »7 One Liners That May Not Work on Valentines Day

So More Canadians Did This Than Watch the Superbowl

According to not completely scientific research by Google, more Canadians watched yesterdays Superbowl ads than the actual game.   And of course we are not talking about the Canadian ads that are overlayed on the US broadcast. Still the most watched event in the US each year the attraction to the ads seems to becoming more and more intense.  See what all the fuss was about – The Best &… Read More »So More Canadians Did This Than Watch the Superbowl