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Get Uncomfortable With Your Personal Brand

While waiting for his owner to return from shopping, St. Bernard knows where his boundaries are and he is not going to stray at all. After all, if he were to jump out of the back of the truck, he would certainly be placing himself in danger. St. Bernard’s boundaries reminded me of the story of the dog owner who’s dog was prone to run out of the front yard… Read More »Get Uncomfortable With Your Personal Brand

Connecting Sales, Marketing & You Inc on LinkedIn in 2017

Below is my TED-style talk at the Haste & Hustle conference earlier this year – includes the Pinata BBQ Accountant story. It is imperative that you understand how to leverage LinkedIn’s benefits for the sales AND marketing of You Inc. and build a profile that stands out. Paul Copcutt will show you how to use LinkedIn to communicate your personal brand in 5 minutes a day, as well as offer… Read More »Connecting Sales, Marketing & You Inc on LinkedIn in 2017

Are You A Personal Brand Creator or Curator?

Producing new content is time-consuming. There is more new content being produced daily than every before. Be useful to those you are trying to reach by being the curator of the valuable content already out there. Raise the profile of your personal brand and manage your career.

Tell LinkedIn What You Think

Well, do you have it yet? Hopefully (or perhaps not) you now have the new LinkedIn desktop user interface. What are your thoughts? If it’s confusing there is a useful 3-minute starter video that gives you a quick new look overview. There is no ignoring it, the overwhelming response has been negative. Some very negative. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”] Of course, we don’t like change, especially if it is an integral part of our… Read More »Tell LinkedIn What You Think

The Rules Still Apply

At age 5, on my first day at school. the headmaster stood up in assembly and proceeded to reel off a number of rules to follow. One of them was not to walk down the grass bank. I wondered why. He never explained. So at the first break, I promptly went out on the school field and started to walk down the grass bank.  A teacher saw me do this… Read More »The Rules Still Apply

How to Add Personality to Your Personal Brand

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality, ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Only 15% is dependent on technical skills.” Carnegie Institute of Technology The challenge we are facing is that whether you believe the often misquoted figures that our attention spans are less than goldfish they are plummeting. The average adult can only focus for 20 minutes. And I know having two teenagers in the house… Read More »How to Add Personality to Your Personal Brand

5 Superbowl Lessons for Your Personal Brand

Companies that ‘invested’ in an ad for this year’s Superbowl were paying $5 million for 30 seconds, that’s over $160,000 per second and then up to an additional 25% was being spent on advertising to promote the advertisement!

This great cartoon from Tom Fishburne at sums it all up. Check out his previous Superbowl cartoons too by visiting his website.

The commercials and the half-time show are for many the primary reason they watch the game. Some people even plan whole parties around the ad breaks rather than the game itself.

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3 Positive Aspects of LinkedIn’s Redesign for Your Personal Brand

So it’s official, it’s finally arrived. Well, at least LinkedIn’s blog is announcing it’s imminent arrival to your computer soon – the New Desktop Redesign.  You can watch the promo video here that shows you some of the features;

If you have been following this news it was back in the fall last year that the desktop redesign was first announced, to great fanfare. After several missteps and, as is common for LinkedIn, a number of glaring glitches and errors picked up by some early users, it seems that finally, the look for your profile on your computer will be changing. If you are one of the 10-20% of users so far, perhaps it has already changed.  Of course, you could be one of the 65% or so of mobile users that maybe never uses the desktop version, in which case “Carry On!”

The hope it to see everyone switched over in the next few weeks.

There has been plenty of criticism of the new design, complaints about disappearing features and threats of departure from the platform. At the end of the day none of us really like change, yet if we embrace it and more importantly look for the positives then there are always upsides and it makes for a much better experience.

Now, if you are like me and use the desktop version to access your LinkedIn account the majority of the time, then you may want to note 3 critical aspects of the new design that will impact how your personal brand can be featured on the platform.

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5 Places to be Personal in Profiles to Get Noticed Online

When was the last time you asked a personal question in a business meeting?

Chances are recent. One client meeting I had, just before the holidays, involved at least 25% of the time the two of us covering every subject from politics to parenting to pasta and everything in between. None of which had a direct bearing on the very critical issue about which we were meeting. Before you say,

‘yes, but it was the holidays, so you were bound to be more relaxed’

this was the first time I had spent more than a few minutes with this client, and we only had a limited amount of time.

So, when someone shares something personal on LinkedIn, why do many professionals get bent out of shape? There never seems to be a day go by now without seeing someone on LinkedIn decry the ‘Facebookization’ of the platform. There have even been petitions started.

I am not talking about the functionality of LinkedIn or the look and feel, or even gamification of the platform, which seems to mirror Facebook in several ways. It’s the quizzes, IQ tests, cat photos, and posting something that is tantamount to click bait to which people are objecting.

There has been a highly covered example, generating thousands of comments, of Candice Galek, the owner of a swimsuit company, who posts pictures of models in bikinis.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Roman poet, Lucretius

If you are not happy with the content shared by a connection in your network, the easiest and most effective response is actually to do nothing. Anything else adds to LinkedIn’s ‘interest factor,’ which is what drives the algorithm, makes that post more attractive and ultimately that person’s place in search results. If it gets unbearable, you can choose to receive their updates no longer or finally disconnect from them.

While the platform is a business network and your profile is your own that you take with you throughout your career there are opportunities to reflect your personal brand in appropriate and impactful ways.

LinkedIn’s research has found that 87% of recruiters want to see personality reflected in a profile. Now, they are a picky lot (I know I used to be one!), and not wanting anything superfluous, so you can be fairly confident that others will have a similar viewpoint.

Here are five ways to stand-out in a personal way on LinkedIn;

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7 Ways to Boost Your Career in 2017

I was enjoying a beer over the holidays with a friend and sharing our recollections of the past year and what we had to look forward to in the coming year. Dan had his best year ever, he hit his sales numbers about two-thirds of the way through the year, earned a huge bonus and enjoyed promotion to a senior account manager role.

His boss was expecting to see him take a higher profile role in the team with added responsibility, he was going to be traveling more, and his new sales target appeared atmospheric. He didn’t know how he was going to fit it all in. He was dreading 2017.

If the end of 2016 for you was anything like it is for Dan, you found yourself having to try and wrap up some key projects, drive in some final numbers, perhaps even complete performance reviews and other year-end tasks.

Then, before you can catch your breath or even start to worry about work, you were straight into planning, preparing and, hopefully, enjoying the holidays with family and friends and not getting despondent from all the negativity that many people felt this past year, in particular, brought them.

You must be exhausted already! Kicking off another year can be a daunting proposition. A new year brings a fresh set of challenges and almost a feeling of starting all over again. It doesn’t have to be that way. First things first, bid a final farewell to the last year, you can even use the 15 questions from the Review Your Year With No Fear Workbook to feel entirely complete, get your copy by clicking here.

Now for 2017. How do you find the energy to kick off another year, build your personal brand, maintain momentum and ensure you don’t get bogged down or distracted to still achieve what you want to in your career?

Here are seven ways to boost your personal brand and get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

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